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I'm working on a new blog idea. Getting it started is giving me a little trouble. I can't say what the theme is, I plan to make it anonymous. La' Riot will still and will always be my priority between the two. However, there is a ton of edgier material I would love to post. Let's just say it's edgy enough that I don't have the balls to say it myself!

Anyway, I'm having a lot of trouble finding the right layout for it. When I decided on this layout for La' Riot, I loved it instantly. From the sexy pin-up's to the post thumbnails... I love this layout for this blog. It fits. But my side blog... I just can't find a decent enough pre-made that isn't too complicated to use. Let's face it, I'm a pretty new face in the sea of bloggers on the net!

I have hopes to create or purchase a unique layout. I'm decent with CSS/HTML, but nowhere near good enough to make one of these layouts. It would take forever to learn, and I really don't have that much time.

So, we're going to see how it goes. If you want more information about it send me an email to k1rbst0mp88@gmail.com


christine said...

oh i was going to come up with an anonymous "side-blog" for fiction or whatever i wanted to say that wouldn't be appropriate to my usual one, but i just found i couldn't come up with anything to write about, since i felt that if it was separate to my main blog then it should have a specific theme in order to justify it being different to the other one but it's so difficult to think of anything! good luck with your new blog though!

November 12, 2011 at 12:16 PM
_-* AMANDA *-_ said...


Thanks for the feedback. I plan to write about some taboo topics. Sex, drugs and the like! It's one thing to have free speech, it's totally different to post "radical" posts where your mom (for example) can read them. Certain audiences can only handle certain subject matter. That's why a lot of the material here on La' Riot is still pretty edgy, but it is all still very PG-13. I can be a lot more controversial, but I think there is a time and a place to do it!

November 12, 2011 at 3:19 PM

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