Radical Parenting

What do you think of when you hear the term "radical parenting"? For most people, they generally assume parents are choosing to raise their children either with extreme force or by being extremely lenient on their children. Either way, we suppose that parents are using some form of an extreme discipline technique or techniques.

Radical parenting, is a new trend that many first time parents are starting to follow. The idea is that children are capeable of learning things a lot faster than we think. While babies and children still need attention and cuddling, it's becoming more common for families to let their children work things out own their own. It's also becoming a more popular trend to teach children earlier in life.

It's no surprise that children are growing up faster these days. With television and technology use at it's all time high, children are soaking up more information than any generation before.

Is it a good idea? Well, that's kind of the point. Parent's are becoming more vocal about their attempts to create their own style of raising children. I'm not thinking that anyone is expecting a 2 year old to be reading Playboy. However, it probably is a good idea to start teaching sex ed. to children at younger ages.

There's no way to stop our children from growing up fast. Unless you are Amish, or a TV-Nazi! And let's face it, we want to keep up with the times!


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