God Loves Gays

God Loves Gays

I am inclined to start this blog by announcing that my personal religious path is not that of the norm. I'm spiritual, I pray, meditate, contemplate. I am at peace knowing that I will never know the truth. What I think is and what actually is, is probably two different things! I'm a realist and I know that opinions are like buttholes.

But when it comes to the argument that God hates all gays, I have to snarl and snicker. First of all, "God" hates no one  The eternal being, creator does not give two hoots in hell what kind of a person you are. It is up to the individual how they lead their lives. And whatever negative or positive energy they put out, they will receive again. Hindu and Buddhist religions refer to this as Karma.

Secondly, it is hard to think that homosexuality could possibly be a negative way to live a life. Happiness is variable. It can be defined in many ways and used to describe many aspects of life. Happiness is the belief that our lives (or parts of our lives) are as good as they can be or we would like them to be. "Good"... "Happiness". To homosexuals, happiness is in their choice to love someone of the same sex.

I don't think God is capable of hating, or even "caring" what is it that we do with our lives. It is our decision to be "good". And opinions on what is good differs from person to person. God can't hate gays for doing what comes natural to them. What they are born to be. If God had a decision, I think he would love gays for being organic and naturally who they are. God has Pride!


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