What You Should Praise Me For

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In continuance of the past post. I am going to explicitly tell you WHY I deserve your praise and attention. I'm going to do it in bullet format so that you can skim it easier and maybe remember one of the reasons I'm a G!

  • I have a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology.
  • I'm a fabulous mother of an 8 month old.
  • I'm getting married in May.
  • I'm a girl gamer.
  • I wear hippie gear and do hippie things.
  • Tattoos.
  • I write like a drunk.
  • I love to write even though my talent is so-so.
  • I have expertise in feminism and LGBT issues.
  • I'm a cool ass hippie chick that doesn't let people put her down and walk over her.
  • I'm funny. If you need to smile I got yo shit!
I'm sure there is more. I don't want to overwhelm you guys with how awesome I am cause I'm just too awesome!


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