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I recently started tweeting with @MsJaneProducts and hopped over to their site to check it out. Ms Jane sells different marijuana accessories. She sells T-shirts with their logo, stuff to clean your pipes with and even an at home urin test. So, long story short, there is a contest called Ms Jane of the Week on the site. It's a lot like the famous Miss High Times contest. She selects one girl every week to be featured on the site. Here is my application for the contest!

"When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself." - Bob Marley

bobbie_2My name is Amanda and I'm a pretty bad ass chick! I'm 23 and live in the growing city of Greenville, South Carolina. I write a random blog called La' Riot. Specifically, I talk about feminism and LGBTQ culture
(but I did say it was random). I have a bachelors degree in sociology from USC. My goals are to be a counselor for LGBTQ youth and an avid marijuana activist.

When it comes to my weed smoking habits, I began smoking in college at the age of 18. I started with a glass pipe. Glass is great, it's a wonderfully clean smoke and the glass pipes are all art themselves. A few years after I started smoking, I had a friend who introduced me to
the gravity bong (GB). Home made, with one 3 liter bottle inside a 2 liter bottle filled up with water. I love to get a huge hit off of the GB. It's only for the strong lunged people. I have to take a break from it every once in a while and go back to glass or paper. The GB only takes a small amount of green to get a huge hit. This is great
for the savvy smoker!

I should be chosen as Miss Jane of the Week because I want to gain a
bigger platform to spread the message of positive marijuana use and
culture.  I am a social and human rights activist that is looking to
further her presence in the marijuana community, online and in real
life. I could be a great example for other women looking to become
soulful, educated, marijuana users.

You can get more information here:  Ms. Jane


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