Your Own Little World

How many people do you know, that you can say "they live in their own little world"? I'm guessing you can think of at least 3. I know that I can. Now, look at the statistics in your own life. If 3 of your top 10 friends are like this, then 30% of your population is crazy as far as we can tell! Then you have to account for the other statistics of friends with bipolar disorder, depressive, alcoholic etc. Everyone is crazy.

You know that saying, "she lives in her own little world". That saying just gets to me sometimes. I think a lot about the way people think, and it's statements like this that make me realize that everyone in crazy. 



Knight'sEclectic said...

If we're all crazy, which is a point that i'm inclined to agree on, then surely thats the norm.
I believe that we all are, some hide it better than others but in out own ways we are all fragile and vulnerable x

November 8, 2011 at 6:16 AM
_-* AMANDA *-_ said...

That's a great point.We put so much effort into hiding our flaws that we don't even notice we are doing it.
My therapist (yes, I see a therapist) tells me that we are all paranoid. Oprah, on the other hand (yeah, I know) says that we are all looking for validation. Maybe we're just afraid that we won't be appreciated.
Whatever the reason, it all drives us ape-shit. Even when we are trying to put on a brave face.

November 8, 2011 at 11:48 PM

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