Cosmo Quiz: Are You Enough of a Bad Girl

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Cosmopolitan, the sexy magazine line, launched a new online quiz that asks girls if they are bad enough. Bad enough for what... is my first response. The test asks what you would do in certain situations and the response are typical, ranging from mild to dirty. Then you get your answers.

I guess it's a typical test, but it just amazes me at how sexist Cosmo can be. My results came back neutral. I'm not too bad but I'm no angel, obviously. It says that I stand up for myself when I need to  but that I draw the line when it comes to being aggressively sexy or vengeful just to turn heads.

So what do you think it takes to be a bad girl? Style, attitude, obsessions? Is it good or bad to be bad? Do guys really like the bad girls? Take the test and let us now what the results are!


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