Peacock Tattoos

Peacocks are beautiful creates. Peafowls, as they are referred to as a species, are native to South Asia. They were brought into Egypt by the Phoenicians. These magnificent birds have been a symbol of beauty, love and nobility for centuries. In Greek history the peafowl was the bird of Hera. She sent the bird to spy on Zeus, knowing that he could not escape the eyes of the peafowl feathers. As a tattoo, the peacock has been the center of controversy. While many cultures find the peafowl to be a beautiful and strong creature, valued for it's connections to royalty and good morals, many other cultures view it negatively. Being viewed as arrogant and suspicious, "proud as a peacock", many cultures find the feathers to resemble the "evil eye". However, in recent years, the peacock's externaly beauty is associated with the inner beauty of a human being.

cool peacock tattoo designs
peacock tattoo behind ears
tribal peacock tattoos


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