Fly Pie

Hi. I'm a fly and it's time I reveal what we flies do for fun. You think we can't understand what you're saying when you say-"there's a godamn fly. Get him!" Or "shit-a fly just landed on my sandwich"! After millions of years of evolution--we know. We had to learn to survive. After all-nobody seems to like us.

First off,we love sandwiches. You make 'em and then lay 'em around and that's the perfect time for us to land on 'em and track dog or cat shit on 'em. You won't notice it tho,and you'll eat it right up.

We especially like it when someone has puked and we can track some of that around on your precious food. mmmm.Tasty. Again--you'll eat it right up

But the best of all is after we land on road kill or a dead human and then spread some of that on your food. And besides,that's where we have our babies. Those squirming little maggots you find so distastful to look at,those little guys are the ones we will train to keep up the fun for millions more years.

For innocuous fun,we'll land on your arm until you flop around and shake it and say something like-"fuckin' fly".Then we'll fly (what else) a short distance away for a few seconds and be right back on your arm. And we'll make you start floppin' again. Oh the power!!What fun to make creatures thousands of times larger than we are, flop around and get mad.

So, the question might be for you hapless humans: wonder how much shit ,puke and dead meat have I eaten in my life without even knowing?

More than you think!!!!

**I don't know who wrote this, but it wasn't me**


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