Humpdashian Divorce

72 days. While I must admit they made it longer than I had projected, it still all fell apart as we all assumed it would. It was too much of a show to be real. They thought they could pull off the same stunt Khloe and Lamar did when they got married. It seems the Odem's may actually have the stuff. Who would have thought a 30 day engagement could have turned out so well? I guess Kim and Kris did, but sadly they were wrong.

Kim Kardashian Files for Divorce from Kris Humphries

Clearly the rumor mill is buzzing with gossip. Why did Kim sign the divorce papers? The leading theory suggests she did it because he was sitting on his ass all day and she was working her fat ass off. Either way, it's pretty lame she would take such drastic measures. Maybe she should read my Guide To Commitment. You don't bail on your partner when shit gets tough. It just goes to show that Kim can't take the institution of marriage seriously.

Two failed marriages down. Now Kim really gets to be known as a gold digging whore. Once her cash cow basket ball player was out of a job, she called it quits. It may seem harsh, but we've got to let the woman's reputation speak for itself.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' Honeymoon Pictures

It's pitiful really. Miss Big Booty herself can get married and call it off after 2 months... yet our lovable gay and lesbian couples out there are denied the privilege, even when they have been together for years.

I'm tired of selfish brats making a mockery of our society. From massive corporations to tv princesses, these people need to just stop!


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