Guide To Commitment

In every relationship, there will be ups and downs. You're going to piss each other off. You're going to fuck up and say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing. Sometimes, your fuck ups are going to be massive. But everyone is human, and you don't leave a relationship because your partner lost their mind for a time. That's not to say that a relationship can never reach a breaking point, but when you commit yourself to someone, you commit to sticking by them through the good and the bad.

A commitment is a promise, and actually fulfilling that promise. The thing about a commitment, is that you have to keep it even when you are passed the mood that made you say you were committed. This gets hard. A lot of will power is involved. A promise is something you say, and a commitment is something you do. A promise is situation-specific. A commitment is contextual. People today are so quick to back out of a relationship, even a marriage, without giving it enough time to work itself out. Ask anyone about their past relationship regrets. We don't openly admit them often, but we all have regrets for loosing our past relationships.

Commitment is the glue of any relationship. The lesson to be learned here is that without truly following through with the commitment you made, any relationship may easily fall apart. When it's true love, having a heart felt commitment is inevitable, they go hand in hand. Just remember that in the heat of the moment, you loved them once and you can love them still. You have to commit to working it out together. 

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