Seasonal Decorations

I went out today to look for some holiday decorations. I was disappointed in the selection that was available. All of the craft stores were seriously lacking flavor for fall decor. Old Tyme Pottery was seriously disappointing. They had a lot of fake flowers for wreaths and arrangements, and we did pick up a scarecrow (those were cute). But I couldn't find any affordable, fabulous pieces for my house. I'm not sure why all of the good decorations are so expensive and the affordable ones are tacky as hell. And Michael's was even more disappointing. Granted, they are a craft store, and not a decor store, I still expected to find better holiday crafting supplies. They did have some cute halloween decorations. A crystal skull (bling bling), black candelabras, beautiful potion bottles and fake spell books. They were great, but I wasn't there for Halloween, just seasonal, fall decorations. Maybe I'm setting my standards a little to high but I think I've been more satisfied in recent years. At this point, I think I would have better luck checking out Dollar Mart. I really would like some cute place mats, door clings and a few nick-knacks to sit around. I would even have liked to seen a few seasonal floor rugs or flags. Nothing. Maybe the Christmas season will be better. Here's hoping!


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