Babies and Gravity

My son is now 8 months old and has finally learned to sit on his knees. He's gone from rolling over to scooching to sitting up and pulling up all in a few weeks. This kid figures things out quick.

Just so you new parent's know, your 8 month old doesn't know what gravity is. All this time you have been keeping your baby flat, probably. So gravity really has no effect on the little cute lump of clay. But by now your baby has gone mobile.

The problem I've encountered comes when my son thinks he can sit on his knees without holding on to anything. He will let go of the couch, table or whatever and just sit on his knees. Most of the time he's okay with it. Then, when I think things are well and good... wham! Baby just topples right over and odds are bumps his head on something.

Keep this in mind when your little one starts pulling up. They are going to start falling now. It's a little bit of a shock the first few times it happens, but then you start to realize that it's going to keep happening. Bumps and falls are all a normal part of growing up, and your children are physically capable of handling it. As long as your child has no extreme trauma, they will probably be fine with just a few cuddles and hugs.


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