All Day In My Pajamas

      Why Pajamas Are Better Than A Paycheck

Raising a kid and not working, only to blog, allows me to basically stay in my pajamas all day long. I'm not going to swear that it's a good thing but it is definitely comfortable.

Who needs to wear jeans and high heels around the house? I don't vacuum in stilettos, thanks very much. It's just not practical in my life. I can't bare to think of myself working in an office and being forced to wear heels all day long.

This is where I get into, what society wants us to be doing with our lives. Does a woman working in an office, wearing heels and skirt every day,  have a happier life than a mommy? Well, feminists have been debating that for years. It's called The Mommy Wars and if you look into it, you will find that there are very different opposing view points out there.

Linda Hirshman is one of the leaders in the concept that women should have full time jobs. She believes that feminism has failed to encourage women to leave their home and work in society. Which is what feminism has set out to do, isn't it? Teach women that they don't have to be just mothers? It's supposed to make society better too, according to Hirshman. More workers in the job force makes the economy stronger!

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My argument is this, I know that 2011 is a lot different than 1960... thanks to women like Hirshman and other feminists. However, I've worked in my teenage years and plan to work in my later years. And to stay at home with my child is truly what I want to be doing right now. I'm thankful for the opportunity to work (however scarce those opportunities might be), but I don't want to. I get more joy from not working. I'm not rolling in dough and I live a fairly normal life.

There are many, many exceptional reasons to stay at home with your babies, while they are still small. I don't think it's a good idea to pop out a child and go right back to work, leaving you child with a stranger. Even another relative. Children do not get the same affection from other people as they do their parents, specifically their mothers!

So, that's why I stay in my pajama's for most of the day. Except on the occasional special outing. Or if company comes over. So, to Linda Hirshman and other feminist leaders encouraging women to get out of the house, back off! Just because your "type" wants to go to work, doesn't mean the rest of us women want to. I like my pajamas, and heels hurt my toes! I understand that you are pushing because you think it's best. However, stop downgrading stay at home mom's so harshly. Being a mother IS a "real job"!

** I started writing this article as a tribute to pajamas. Really! Then it flowed into some weird Hirshman bashing! Anyway, I read this book in college. It's really short, only 150 pages or so. It's so critical and it makes me second guess my decision to stay at home with my son. It's worth reading. It's harsh, but it's real. The theoretical background to her concept is strong and realistic. If you are doing feminist research, get the book.**


samantha said...

Hey this is so true. I am not working. My kid is just 1 year old so most of the time goes with him. Even I love staying at home in comfy pair of pajamas. I feel so good in them. Recently I bought a new pair of flannel Pjs from PajamaMania.com. They are so soft and lovable. I feel so comfortable wearing them and when you have so much work at home, I mean handling kids, cooking, gardening, etc. etc. there can be anything better than pajamas.

November 18, 2011 at 12:56 AM
_-* AMANDA *-_ said...

I agree Sam. I have about 20 different pair of "cotton" pajama pants. I wear them all. Chasing around a toddler in a pair of tight jeans seems like an invitation for chafing.

November 18, 2011 at 11:46 AM

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