Mt. Dew Vs. Doritos : What's The Gamer's Choice?

Well, according to the COD MWF3 Double XP Rank Up Game and Facebook, Mt. Dew is way more popular than Doritos. With the launch of the new Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare 3, Mt. Dew and Doritos has launched a new game which offers double XP (experience points) for MWF players that collect product codes and turn them in online. This is a very common promotional technique designed to draw attention to the products. The companies organize together and help each other advertise.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3MOUNTAIN DEW(R)DORITOS(R)

In this case, Mt. Dew is clearly the ring leader of the MWF3 show! I was on the Rank Up XP site when I noticed that all 3 of the advertising brands were linked to their Facebook Fan Page. Under the brand's picture is a "like" button that also shows the amount of likes each page has recieved. COD MWF3 has 1.5 million likes, you would think that compared to Doritos which has 234k likes, MWF3 would be a much better seller. But that's not the case. Mt. Dew has 6.2 million fans. That's almost 6 times the amount of MWF3 fans.

This makes me think that one key reason that MWF3 is gaining momentum is due to the Mt. Dew craze. Gamers know Mt. Dew as a drink of choice, and the choice of champions. Mt. Dew has been a huge sponsor for all Xbox games, including some Playstation games and possibly others. The COD franchise has huge numbers (Black Ops, has 10.6 million Facebook fans) and MWF3 will gain many fans as more gamers get their own copies. I'm betting that plenty of Dew drinkers will buy the game because of the huge connection between the drink and the game.

Given time, I believe that MFW3 will be able to gain many more fans on Facebook. As we know, Facebook is a main leader in resources for research work. And I believe that this Mt Dew vs Doritos vs MWF3 model, clearly shows how easy it is to gather information from the social giant. It also shows how joining forces with like minded peers can give yourself a boost.


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