Grimm :: Old Tales A'new

I've been watching this crazy show, Grimm since it aired on NBC a few weeks ago. Seven episodes into the first season, I am hooked on this great sci-fi crime show.

The show brings to life the old stories from the Brothers Grimm. The beautiful childrens stories like The Three Little Pigs and Rapunzel. The original stories are darker than the Disney movies we see today. Murder, lies and deception. All made into "moral teaching" stories to scare children into being 'good'.

The new NBC hit has combined the tales and centered the show around the "last Grimm". A cop on the hunt to find deamons that appear to be human. In a world of evil and darkness, these stories take on a new, criminal light.

This show is so much fun to watch. I love the combination of CIS and Charmed. That's really how I'm seeing this movie. The magic is wonderful yet suspensful. The violence is delicious and it makes my mouth water. I love the legends and lore that are included in this dark drama. That's one think I truely miss from the show Charmed, the connections to great mythical creatures and magical beings. It's nice to see a fun show come a long that leaves us wanting to know more.


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