Old Vampire Killing Kits

 Old vampire killing kits14 Do you love stories of monsters, ghosts, and vampires? Have you ever wondered if such things are real? For eons and throughout cultures spanning the world wide, people have questioned and pondered the existence of supernatural and paranormal beings.

I have always been skeptical of these creatures. I can recall a few times when I believe to have been in contact with a spiritual being. Personally, I do believe that there are things beyond our knowledge, even when it comes to the paranormal. Aliens, ghosts and even Bigfoot. I can't rule out anything I've never truly seen before. The proof is in the pudding, I suppose.

But did you know, in the 1800's vampires we truly feared. Without doing investigative research, I can only speculate at the reasoning that would lead to such vamp-fever. But believe it or not, people considered vampires a real threat. Take a look at these authentic vampire killing kits. They were sold to people who were traveling to Transylvania in the mid to late 1800's. Did people really believe Count Dracula was a vampire, allergic to garlic and vulnerable to Holy Water? I guess they chose to err on the side of caution.

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