In Remebrance

It's 9/11 today. 10 years ago I was in 7th grade history class. The teacher(can't remember her name, she was one of the teachers I hated) turned the TV on. The whole class was confused, like the rest of the world. It was labeled an accident at the time. Then we saw the second one. The next week was intense. People were crying, praying, questioning. Some friends lost uncles and relatives. Some people had parents who went to the site to work and retrieve bodies. It was a very solemn time. We will never forget. And we should teach our children of this day. The racism involved. And teach them to be respectful of those who are different, and forgive those who sin against us! God bless. Bless our troops, our firefighters, police and families affected and who are still affected by America's tragedy


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