The Good Guy Complex

I'm obviously an advocate for seeing deeper than the surface. You never can read a whole book just by its cover and sometimes we over look the things that are most important to the story. Sometimes, we are so focused on one goal, we ignore the many choices we have to achieve that goal. Such as with women complaining about men. Yes I am a feminist, but I'm NOT a man hater. Equality is for everyone. And I'm not going to argue that some men make mistakes, some are dicks and some are total sweethearts. Just like women. It's disheartening to see women lump men into one category, "dicks". Just as I would never approve of women being label "bitches", men being pigeon-holed is also a no-no.

And what is the problem with women ignoring the good guy while longing for the bad boy? It's obviously a very common trend. We crave the excitement we find in the bad boys, however we ignore the "bad" part often until it's too late. "A Bad Boy exudes untamed masculinity, independence and confidence. To women, these traits -- especially confidence -- are an aphrodisiac. The problem is, in the hands of the Bad Boy, confidence becomes selfish arrogance. But women are responding to guys like this on a purely elemental, emotional level" (Ask Men). 

Overlooking the good guy is a terrible mistake. They are labeled "good guys" for a reason, ladies. We name them this, yet we con-notate it as a bad thing. Oxymoron you might ask, ironic maybe? It's typical. The bad boys get the girls, while the good guys are stuck on the sidelines, wondering what's wrong with them. 

To all the good guys out there - there is nothing wrong with you. You are beautiful, sweet, kind, giving and respectful. You're doing the right thing. The problem is you are looking for the wrong women. You are looking for the "bad girls" that like the "bad boys". (Yes, men do it too!) Consider spicing yourself up however! No girl wants a stick-in-the-mud. Be true to yourself, but consider learning 

To all the ladies with the desire to hook a bad boy and make him good - it's nearly impossible. While your chances of mellowing a bad boy are slim, look into finding a good boy and giving him the edge you desire. It's much easier because these men are looking to make you happy. And truthfully, they want to be more edgy, they just need you to show them how. They haven't spent their lives perfecting their "attitude" because they want you to show them what you want. Good boys for the win!


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