Top 10 Controversial Costumes For Kids

Halloween is for fun and chaos. I've been thinking about what great, cute little outfit I can get for my son for his first Halloween. But I realized, there are some great, twisted costume ideas to get people stirred up. I mean, who wouldn't want to dress their kid up as a bloody hobo?

10. A Child Beauty Pageant Contestant
We've all seen Toddlers and Tiaras and we all know how weird those kids are. The parents are even more fucked up as we can tell. So, for Halloween this year, dress your kid up as one of the scary beauty contestants. Their eyes are so empty!

9. A Pack of Cigarettes or a Bottle of Booze
Get crafty with this one. Of course you will want to remember to add the necessary warning labels.

This is great for boys! And dad can get in on the game with this one as well.

7. An Oompa Loompa
They are so scary. I hate their little orange faces and green, fucked up hair. Putting a kid in a Oompa Loompa costume is just wrong. This category can also overlap with the "midget" category. If you're feeling a little judgmental!

6. A Hobo
Use any raggady old baby clothes or pieces of cloth you can find. Give you kid an empty Pork N. Bean can and put a dollar in it. Tell them to run up to people and claim the government is after them, and ask for money for an attorney.

5. A Midget
Dress your kid in their regular, adult style clothes. Give them a sign that says "little person". You can make them look more adult by adding a wig or a neck tie... or an empty bottle of scotch.

4. Birth Control
We all know that one kid, often scares people into not having another one for a while. Have fun with this idea. There are many options of birth control that you can dress you child up as. I prefer, the condom. These are easy to design into a costume with just some saran wrap. Use your imagination.

3. Play The Race Card

Cover your white kid in black face paint or put your black kid in a Klan outfit. Feel free to test the water with other racial stereotypes.

2. A Transgender
Boys wear girl clothes and girls wear boy clothes. Easy.

1. Lady/Baby GooGoo
This works for girls or boys I guess. If you want to dress your son up as Gaga's male, alter ego. Use your child as a canvas. Any household items will work for this. Pieces of bacon, toilet brush, trash bag. Throw a bunch of crap on your kid a presto, Baby GooGoo

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