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Mookychick is hosting their 1st Annual Feminist Flash competition. I hope some of you get inspired to enter. I would love to see some of my readers do some feminist writing of their own. You know I will be turning in a few pieces of my own, so be looking for them in the next few days. Here's the information and the link.

From Mookychick

Enter our feminist fiction writing competition - judged by a panel of noted feminist writers - to win £100, 1 yr BUST Magazine subscriptions & get your blog and writing promoted. Start writing!

Competition closing date: 30 November 2011. Enter now!

Slut shaming. Contraception. Body dysmorphia. Ladette culture. Impossible Disney princesses. The glass ceiling for women in everything from banking to comedy. Acid attacks in S Asia. Systematic rape in Sierra Leone. FGM. Saudi women permitted to vote but not drive themselves to the polling station. Being told it's, uh, you know, dude, a little bit uncool to call yourself a feminist. Feminism is prevalent in all aspects of society and affects, ooh, pretty much 100% of the population!

To promote feminism in writing, Mookychick is proud to announce a new annual writing competition, FEMINIST FLASH 2011. It's dead easy to enter, and you should. Right now! Channel your inner Dorothy Parker / Caitlin Moran / Margaret Atwood / Naomi Wolfe and you'll win wealth, fame and a 1 year digital subscription to BUST Magazine.


First Prize
  • 1 Year digital subscription to the fabled Bust magazine!
  • £100 (or your country's equivalent)
  • Publication with a link to your blog on Mookychick
2 x Runner-Up Prizes

£25, Publication on Mookychick, 1 Year digital subscription to Bust magazine!

10 x Shortlisted Prizes

Publication on Mookychick.
All featured works will be linked to your blogs. We'll be spreading the love.


BUST magazine1) Entry is free. Of course. Other writing competitions may have entry fees, but not Mookychick.
2) First, you need an online presence you can post work on: A blog, a Tumblr, a DeviantArt account, a website to call your own. A place where you can put words.
3) Next, you need to create a haiku, poem or flash fiction under 200 words. Maximum word count per entry is 200 words. Your poetry or fiction needs to relate to an aspect of feminism!

What is a haiku, we hear you cry? It's a very short, very structured poem (ie, 3 lines: 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables - we know that's not technically how it works, but let's not get snarky, eh?) Hang on, you want an example of a feminist haiku? Okay, since you asked...

Feminist haiku example #1
Patriarchy smash
A joyous endeavour, yeah?
Not a violent sport
Feminist haiku example #2
First date. Doing great
until he called me a whore.
Feminist? Nuh-uh.

4) Post your competition entry on your blog.
5) In this same post, you must copy and paste the following bolded text under your entry:
This is an entry for the Mookychick FEMINIST FLASH FICTION competition. Enter now.
("Enter" should link to http://bit.ly/femflash)
6) Email competitions@mookychick.co.uk with your entry. Make the email subject header FEMINIST FLASH 2011. In the body of the email, please include 2 things: The URL of your entry and your name.
7) You can enter the FEMINIST FLASH FICTION contest as many times as you like! Just make a new post for each entry (be sure to include the link underneath) and email us with the entry's details.


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