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Hotel rooms, they aren't always as clean as they look. You've seen all of the Dateline specials where they bring a black light to a hotel to find all the "body fluids" that are secretly hidden in the hotel room. You can imagine the vile, leftovers from previous guests. No hotel room is safe and no hotel room will ever be clean to your standards. Hotel maids are going to cut corners in order to save themselves the time and hassle of spot cleaning 400 rooms!

So, in order to protect my readers. I have made a list of 5 Tips To A Healthy Hotel Room while traveling.
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6 Tips To A Healthy Hotel Room

1. Request a non-smoking room. Even if you are not smoking in your hotel room, there are still smoke particles left behind from previous guests.

2. Avoid the mini-bar. The mini-bar always costs extra unless you have been told otherwise in advance of checking into your room. Save cash and calories and skip the mini-bar.

3. Bring your own snacks. You are more likely to avoid unhealthy cafeteria foods and vending machines. This is also a great way to save cash while avoiding extra calories.

4. Remove top bedspread. They are never cleaned between customers! While sheets and other linens are laundered between guests, bedspread tops are not given the same care and cleansing.  Roll it up and stash it somewhere that isn't  going to come into contact with you and your family.

5. Do your own disinfecting. Just for safety sake, use antibacterial wipes to clean off remotes, televisions, phones and any hard surfaces you think need extra attention.

6. Light a candle, incense or use other aromatherapy equipment. These set a better atmosphere for your stay and are known to help people relax. This is great for unwinding after a long journey, be it by car or plane.


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