Big Brother and AGT Finale

OK - In Season Finale Mode.... Big Brother - WOOHOO SOOOO glad to see Rachel win. I loved her since last season and 

while I think she's a whiny brat, there is something I love about her. She's a fighter and a great player. Brandon's a douche. 

and Americas Got Talent - I totally think there was some rigging going on. Maybe that's because I'm jealous,but I don't see 

how Landau could have beaten out BOTH iLUMINATE and Silhouettes. I knew PopLyfe was out, the totally messed up last 

night and their style was horrible. Think Jackson 5 with Janet as the lead singer. I think that iLUMINATE would have been 

the best choice for the winner. They had a style all their own and the concept was far-out. It was futuristic, bright and the 

dancing/choreography was brilliant. They had people on trampolines. So... America obviously has a skewed view of what 

"talent" really means!!


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