So Over Winter

Clearly I'm suffering from the good ol winter blues. Like many people, winter is a pain in the ass for me. It's always cold, raining, snowing or dreary. There is NEVER a good time to go outside. I'm thankful to not live in the north and suffer from 8 foot of snow. But it's kinda shitty when it can be 28 degrees and still no snow; I need some compensation for freezing my butt off.

<3 *Stay Warm* <3
Anyway, in the world of blogging not much to be said. Writers block is kicking in and I am sneering at the thought of writing something worth while. I've been watching Louis C. K. stand up tonight and he has me in a very cynical mood... that guy is such an asshole. I love it when they can tell it like it is. But for me to tell it like it is right now, I'm not feeling like writing an angsty post, or something of merit. Instead, I will write this, random piece of shit! I really don't even have anything funny to say. Irony... sigh.

Luckily I'm getting to spend these cold winter months planning a sexy spring wedding! Staying cuddled up with my fiance, watching movies and playing with our son is the best way to spend the winter!

Cheers to the freakin weekend dolls!

Happy Holidays Bitches

Lots of Love


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