Cell Phones and Dating : 5 Useful Tips

Cell phone's are great in the right circumstances. But when you're on a nice romantic date, their are rules to using your phone. Keep in mind that different circumstances call for different actions. And no matter what your relationship status is, your date can pull the wild card in the blink of an eye.

1. If this is your first date, and particularly a blind date, DON'T hide behind text messaging. Planning the date, confirming and finding out your date's ETA should all be done verbally. If you don't plan on backing out all together, you should at least be comfortable setting a time verbally over the phone, before meeting in person. This shows your confidence and that you are more than interested in meeting your match.

2. If you have the latest and greatest Smart Phone, DO use the applications to your advantage. Yes, their is an app for that and you should consider using it. Doing so will impress your date with your tech savy ways. Only certain apps are acceptable however. Consider playing some of your favorite tunes, or looking up the closest last minute sushi restaurant. Even standard phones have tip calculators that will wow your date and your servers! But don't play any fart sounds and whatever you do leave the games alone!!

i <3 iTards

3. No matter how important the game is, DON'T continue to check your sports scores. Your date will feel ignored and probably tell you how they are more important than some stupid game. Do your date a favor, and yourself, and wait to check the score once you get home. Even if you've been with your spouse for a long time, it's still nice to show her attention, especially on a special date.

4. People will tell you that too much too soon is a huge turn off. DON'T come on too strong. Nobody wants to know about your last fling and getting too clingy too soon is also a no-no. Consider starting any relationship with the basics. Keep your text flow casual and speak only about the simple things at first. There is plenty of time to revel in the defeat of your former boyfriend and discuss all your embarrassing body functions later. Phone's are not for this, period.

5. DO be careful who you send you're dirty little secrets to. Even if you think it's harmless, odds are it's still a bad idea. Sexting while intoxicated is a great recipe leading to your dirty laundry being shown to half the state! Best case scenario... some guy you barely know will be fighting a disgusting erection while fantasizing about you naked. And it could get a lot worse from there. My advice, keep your underwear on until you're alone in the bedroom... together.


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