Tips For Glass Users

I dropped my pipe this morning and thank Buddha it didn't shatter. I bought it a few months ago and like any regular day pipe shopping, I wanted the best value for the best piece. I have some experience with glass pipes. Not only are they beautiful and every one has its own personality, they give you a great clean smoke! You can arguably claim that water bongs and vaporizers are better, but you can't put those in your pocket!

I don't normally blog about marijuana use but I'm going to make an exception here. Of course I'll include a disclaimer - I don't advocate marijuana use in print and I believe you should stick to your states laws on marijuana use, unless you personally feel like being responsible for the consequences. There, so now that is out of the way... the good stuff.

After dropping my pipe, I was so thankful I got a nice thick piece that wouldn't shatter on impact. Here's my lesson... unless you want to continuously replace your piece, spend the extra cash up front and buy a thicker piece.

This pipe is thin and cheep. You need an upgrade! 
Shotgun Leaf Glass Pipe

This one is better, but it's so thin in the middle. It would crack if you stepped on it.
Glass Spoon Pipe - Color Glass w/ Fume Wrap & Flat Mouthpiece - Choice of 3 colors
This is what I'm talking about. Great thickness so it won't shatter!
Rainbow Stripe

So, that's my picture-dump way to explain what the right type of pipe is. As you can see, it's physics (or something) that the smaller pipes break easier! Keep that in mind when buying a new piece. It will save you money in the long run. 

Stay tuned for my article on "Marijuana Etiquette" 


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