Gloria Steinem on Chelsea Lately

Gloria Steinem, the feminist leader, appeared on Chelsea Lately tonight. Before the show began host Chelsea Handler, acknowledged how excited she was to have such a powerful and inspirational female figure on her show.

She appeared to promote her HBO Film "Gloria, In Her Own Words." While there the two discussed their views on being childless women. Steinem says she is "completely happy not having children" and that "everybody with a womb doesn't have to have a child, like everyone with vocal cords doesn't have to be an opera singer." She said that she was happy for Chelsea to choose the same path as she did, and to focus on their own life instead of having children.

Chelsea says she would make a child so unhappy. Then goes on to tease that she gave birth to Chuy.
Gloria worries about Chuy because he is in the corner by himself. She says that she "wonders if Chuy chose to sit by himself?" and Chelsea responds that she "chose where to put Chuy... in an area that he would stand out." The crowd laughed of course.

There was also a small discussion about the current conditions of America's tax crisis. They discussed a metting with Warren Buffet at an event. Buffet believes that millionaires and billionaires should pay taxes at the same rate as the middle class. Chelsea agree that " people that make more money should pay more money."

The documentary is all about women.It appears on HBO and you can get more of Gloria Steinem's work in her magazine Ms. magazine.


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