CoD Black Ops: Spoiler

I've been knee deep in Call of Duty Black Ops the past few days. As any game addict will tell you, first person shooters don't get any better than the Call of Duty series. The new addition, Black Ops has been the highlight of many play lists internationally. It doesn't take an American to love these historical story lines.

Black Ops, unlike Modern Warfare 2, traces back through many dates and specific wars. You are living as a man named Alex Mason. CIA, high intel, all of that. There are a couple of great scenes that stick out. Particularly the Fidel  Castro scene, where you have to shoot him and his wife! President Kennedy also makes an appearance in the game. He sends you on a quest to Vietnam where you get your ass handed to you.

To me the hardest part was when you have to run down a hill with Vietnam soldiers coming at you constantly. You have to run through them and hit 3 checkpoints without dying, then you have to continue through a maze of trenches where they are shooting down on you. I died 15 times during this section.

The ending was ridiculous to me. It was hard to follow. You eventually come to understand that your character was brainwashed to believe that he was someone else. He blamed his "alter ego" for all of the bad things that happened. I'm still a little confused. I will have to read up on what other people thought of the ending.

Now I'm caught up playing Zombies. It took some time and coaching to learn to slow down and stop mad killing sprees. Once you unlock all of the doors you can run in circles and keep killing off the zombies. The dogs that come at you at level 5 are scary at first too. Stand in one spot at the bottom of the stairs and spray into each one as they come. If they are on top of you, knife. When reloading, and a dog or zombie is on you, knife to get cleared, then you can reload. Don't forget to get the Revive drink, and the other drinks once you turn the power on. I've gotten to level 8 once. I mostly get to level 6 and 7. There are so many tips to this game. It's mind blowing once you get started.

What are you views on the game in general?  Leave some tips for people, and myself.


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