Queer and Unaware

Are you queer and don't know it? The Queer Movement is taking the nation by storm and allowing people the chance to assimilate by claiming their differences. "Queer" is not designed as just another pigeon-hole for LGBT individuals, instead it is marked as the epitome of uniqueness. 

Fitting into the genre of queer means to be unaligned with "normal" social stigmas. Passion for tattoos, wearing sexy costumes and polyamory could classify an individual as queer. There is no set dogma to being queer. 

The lines between LGBT and Queer have been extremely blurred. While lesbians and gays have a set dictation of what it takes to be lesbian and gay, "queer" is undefined.

What to do if you think you are queer? Well if you aren't lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, but you still don't fit into the heterosexual norm, you might want to consider yourself queer. Question it, laugh about it, and seek to understand it. And by "it", I mean yourself. Realizing your true self and learning to express your true self, even your queer self, is what we should be striving to achieve in life. If you think you are queer, own it. Don't bury your face in shame, don't hide from the norm, don't discriminate against yourself or judge yourself based on outside artificial opinions. There is beauty in queer! There is beauty in everyone, even you!


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