Miss High Times

I think that I should be chosen to represent High Times because although I consider myself a stoner, I bust my ass to prove that marijuana is beautiful and that it is not what many conventionalists would believe. There are many stereotypes that need to be broken regarding marijuana and smokers.

I believe that smoking marijuana as a lifestyle, increases a persons happiness level and offers an alternative (but not negative) way to enjoy life. Used as a recreational hobby, marijuana can be fun and enjoyable if used responsibly. As medication, marijuana has been shown to reduce pain and nausea, and to increase appetite allowing underweight cancer patients to beat their disease. Marijuana helps save millions of lives every year. There is an astounding myth that claims marijuana kills many users, however, there have been no conclusive results that back this acusation.  In recent decades, the numbers of marijuana users has sky-rocketed. People are now beginning to see the positive side of marijuana culture. Our generation is seeking to dispell the myths of our ancestors and to spread the truth and knowledge to our peers. This has led to many new users and a society that encourages the use of marijuana. If I were to be chosen as Miss High Times, I would be able to educate people on this marvelous plant on a national platform. Please, vote for me, so that I can fight the good fight.


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