Men Living on the "DL"

Being on the "down low" is defined as homosexual males choosing to live heterosexual lives, while contiuing to have sex with men, even while having female sex partners. While frequently used among white Americans, "down low" is a racial slang term generally used by black Americans.

On Oprah today, she is speaking to a woman who's husband was "down low" and gave HIV to his wife. She describes their marriage and how she felt humiliated, cheated and wronged after her husband infected her with HIV.

I have to wonder why this phenomenon is so prevalent.

American men are socially taught that being feminine is wrong. Being gay is wrong. And gay is feminine. Especially among the African American race, where masculinity and toughness are more prevalent than in the white American race.

"Down low" men destroying women's lives. They are breaking apart families and occasionally spread HIV and other STD's among their partners.

This has to be addressed. Being "gay" is not as shameful as taring apart your family or living a double life. Being "gay" is not shameful at all, it is a normal, natural way of life. Stereotypes be damned, you were born a certain way, embrace your differences, own them and make them yours. We are all different, being in denial is not the way to handle your differences. Always have confidence in yourself, and never put another person in harms way.


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