Macaroni Baby Boogers

Don't you just love to feed babies? Sometimes that could be a yes, other times it could be a no! While babies, certainly are precious, they can be messy. Especially while eating! My son is 6 months old now and has started eating jars of baby food. We started this with him slowly over the past 2 months or so. He loves carrots, sweet potatoes and peaches. He hates apples! I admit that I do cheat and sometimes put a dash of sugar to get him to like it better.
Trying him on macaroni was interesting. We gave him some of his Nanny's home made macaroni pie southern style. He seemed somewhat interested. So, I decided to try the macaroni baby food from beech nut... Lord, he had it everywhere. He liked it at first but halfway through he decided to put half of it up his nose.Then he got mad and wouldn't open up for any more macaroni. I gave him some of his bottle. Switched back to the macaroni and don't you know he got choked on it. Not in a horrible, deathly choked way... but he seriously puked up all the formula I had just gave him. Poor dear!
Babies are sweet... and soooo messy. And when it's time to eat, look out, I hate it when I have to wash peas out of my hair!


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