Beyonce's Pregnant

This is so beautiful. I must not have noticed this part when I watched the show last night. I totally ignored her part because I tend to not really care for her music. But, now the whole world knows we're in store for a mini-mogul from the King and Queen of alternative hip-hop and RnB! I caught this video first thing this morning off of FB. My local radio station Hot 98.1 blogged the video. At first I wasn't sure what was going on. "So, she's pregnant." But after the Beyonce annyoance subsided, I realized how sweet this was. The crowd was screaming in excitement. Jay-Z and Kanye and their posse we're so excited. After I realized how happy everyone was, I too felt a surge of happiness, excitement and love. Our royal hip-hop twosome are having a baby! How much  more precious does that get?  


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