Adele - Now What?

We all know and love Adele. She's a true artist and has the voice of a Goddess. She has surpassed Lady Gaga as the reigning Queen of Pop. Her album has hit #1 on all of the charts and her 6 Grammy noms and wins, she is the best at the game.

We love her sultry voice, as curvy as her gorgeous body. Being British is only part of her appeal. We adore her and her broken heart. Her sassy way of overcoming heartbreak has captivated the romantic in all of us. We can not help but feel her pain and wish to demolish the guy responsible for her tears. That is her true spark.

Adele connects to us all. We have all been there and gone through it and the words she uses to express this is unlike any musician has before. It's the blues with a new view. But with the initial connection being such an intense emotion, how can Adele manage to keep the train running?

I'm sure she will be able to find her muse in something else just as wonderful, and I'm curious to see how that works out for her. But it seems that since she has more than likely moved on from this guy, it's hard to believe she still has a broken heart. No guy can be that great! I would hate to see such a great voice as Adele's go to the way-side simply because we/she can't find that same passion as the initial heartbreak.

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