Fake Body Jewelry Annoys Me

I've never been the kind of person to fake anything. I'm 100% honest about what I have and what I don't have. I don't have many morals, but honesty is extremely important to me. This is why fake body jewelry annoys the shit out of me.


I've had many piercings and have 2 tattoos. I don't have a lot of body mod done, but I love what I have and want to get more stuff done. I don't do piercings very well. Over the years I've pierced a few different things and have had to take the piercing out because my body rejected it so intensely.

I was looking around online for tips on piercing your own nose. While the thought crossed my mind to do it myself, I'm not sure I have the balls to actually do it. One of the tips I brought up said to just wear a clip on or a fake. This made my heart sink.
Ok, honestly, you shouldn't pierce yourself. Especially if you are a child, and yes 16 is a child! Sorry, get over it! But if you are a grown adult, and you know how to use a needle, and you can handle pain and not fuck up your face... then and only then should you pierce your own flesh. Like I've said before, let a friend help you. And kiddies... don't even try this shit. Get the real shit done by a professional. Save the money and stop thinking it's rebellious  it's just a piece of jewelry not in your ears! And please God, don't wear fake jewelry.

Fake jewelry looks fake. It looks like you are taking the slacker road. Like you can't man up and get your shit done. Fake jewelry is a cop-out. And fake tattoos are even worse. They annoy me to no end. It's so unappealing and only makes you seem like a fake yourself. Harsh reality guys!

If you want to be a bad ass, then get some of the mods done in this video. I mean, when you look at how far these people will go to make their bodies look like art, and then you look at your Clair's clip ons... you just kinda look like an asshole!


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