To Edit A Blog

Stylize text font face format?

Over the years I have managed to learn a decent bit about HTML. I can code a basic layout with text boxes and image maps. CSS, HTML and I have a love hate relationship. I love to create my own style but I hate the endless hours of coding before an image looks close to ideal.

I have just recently started this journey and have created some graphics of my own with GIMP. Yeah, I know... It's nothing compared to Photoshop. Unfortunately, my skills to steal programs off of the internet is lacking just as much as my wallet! That can only be compared to my HTML skills as well!

So, long story short, editing this blog layout is going to take me some time. I'm horrified by the "add-ons" available - I think I need to learn how to disable  them, and which ones I would like to include! God, help me!


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